If you have a company in Singapore that needs online exposure, the first obvious step is to plan the digital strategy. Online marketing is a vast field, and it compromises of many aspects – SEO, social media marketing, content marketing, email marketing, search marketing, online reputation management, retargeting and more. To get the campaign right, you need expertise, and a team of experienced professionals, who can give shape to your marketing needs and brand goals. Two choices are very simple – Hire experts on payroll, or find a marketing agency Singapore. In this post, we take a look at both!

Working with in-house expertise

For companies that don’t have budget constraints, hiring an online marketing team might seem like a really practical choice. There are certainly a few specific advantages of that. Firstly, you have a team that’s just focused on your brand and website needs. You can have complete control on what they do, and if need be, you can expand the team. With in-house marketing teams, it is also easier to track the growth of the campaign.

On the flip side, it could be an expensive exercise. Even if you have the resources, it would mean spending a lot more, and that also requires more supervision and understanding of marketing aspects, or else, how would you evaluate performance? To be fair, for some companies, hiring a team of experts is critical for survival, but most companies can consider the other aspects.

Working with an outsourced service

Singapore has some really known and reliable marketing agencies, offering comprehensive services for brands of all sizes. Of course, outsourcing means that you can save huge in terms of your budget. No matter whether you choose to hire a company for SEO, PPC, paid marketing or a mix of everything, you can rely on them for a perfect package, which will be customized for your website. Also, the best agency will be able to handle your expansion needs for the future, as well.

On the other hand, not online marketing companies are the same, so you may have to do some initial research on selecting one.

In conclusion

There is nothing that can be called a perfect solution for everyone, but if your company is a small one looking for traffic, better brand awareness and expertise, outsourcing may seem like a more relevant choice. Just get the estimate in advance and compare companies based on the online marketing work they have done so far!