Outsourcing SEO is a standard practice, and businesses prefer the idea of hiring an experienced agency rather than having in-house expertise. Often it is about online marketing in a budget, but most importantly, it is about having a team of extended professionals without the added role of supervision. There are many SEO agencies in Singapore, but selecting one requires attention. In this post, we are discussing how you can compare the shortlisted options better.

Beware of false claims

Many SEO agencies still use the age-old technique of marketing, where they claim to take your website on the top of Google search results in matter of days. Beware of such claims. Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is an organic process, and it requires time and effort. You shouldn’t expect huge changes at least for the first month after initiating a campaign.

Check their interest

Gone are times when SEO companies had ready packages, and they would typically offer one that matched the best. This is a world of customized SEO services, where you want the agency to evaluate the needs of your website, have a fair plan and digital strategy, and work accordingly to achieve results. Steer clear of services that are more focused on pricing and packages.

Communication and transparency

SEO is a scalable and transparent process, and it only makes sense to select a company that’s open to sharing their ideas and strategies. You need to know their approach to some of the basic things, such as content marketing, link building and keyword research. The best SEO agencies will send monthly or fortnightly reports on website performance, but it is still necessary to ensure that your team can communicate with the marketing department as needed.

Pricing and more

When it comes to SEO budgets, you may want to check for agencies that can also handle PPC, search engine marketing, and online reputation management. An SEO agency that can keep a track of the entire campaign is easier to work with, and you can evaluate their work better. This also reduces the cost of hiring two different marketing firms. Price shouldn’t be the first concern for selecting an SEO agency, but asking for an estimate with a detailed contract is critical.

Check online to find more on the best-ranked SEO agencies in Singapore. Contact their team directly to know more on how they can help your brand and if they have experience in your industry!